• Procrastination as a Healthy Study Method

    May 1st, 2009


    By Ashley Brooks

    It’s that time of year again, the dreaded finals season where you learn to live off of an hour of sleep a night (if that), and massive amounts of caffeine, with little interaction with the outside world.  Every college student goes through it, although depending on your schedule, some years may be easier than others.  The hours of writing paper after paper are almost a rite of passage that you have to go through in order to make that next step towards adulthood.  It’s during this particular amount of time that you realize you have about a million other things you would rather be doing, and partake in anything that will distract you from your work in front of you. 

    Everyone realizes at this point that they are all procrastinators and vie for the title of the one who procrastinates the most frequently.  While this is not a noble accomplishment, it is a welcome release from the painful hours of studying and writing that go into finals week.  If you are lucky enough to attend a university that has dead days, then there should be no complaining about a lack of time.  It is those schools that go directly to finals after the last class ends that have it the worst.  This results in a lack of time to procrastinate, since you are forced to jump directly into your first final only a weekend after your last class, sometimes earlier than that. 

    Every college student needs an ample amount of time to study for finals, wherein they have allotted time chunks to procrastinate within.  Finals simply would not be finals without the distraction of a roommate, or TV show, or articles within articles on Wikipedia.  It is during this time that you realize how handy Wikipedia truly is, and how you did not know the exact location of Tajikistan, or the 28th president of the United States.  It is also during this time that you realize you have not seen every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 in years and are subsequently forced to watch the marathon which is currently airing.  This type of marathon could never again be repeated, so of course you need to stop what you are doing to watch at least half of it!

    However, it finally gets to be that time where you need to shut every distraction out of your life for a few hours in order to fully concentrate on acing that exam.  Procrastination is just a welcome occurrence of finals week that will never be completely shaken off.  It is almost a necessity of studying; a tool that encourages increased concentration later.  Most students have found that with this momentary distraction from studying, they can be encouraged to truly put forth the effort; the only problem is to determine the limitations between too much procrastination and a healthy amount. 


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