• 50 Fabulous Web Tools for Group Projects

    Mar 30th, 2009

    Freelancers, small business owners, college students and family members have found that the Internet has made it easier to work from home, collaborate on group projects, and share important files and links. This list of web tools is ideal for anyone working on a group project, whether you’re looking for task management support, scheduling and calendar organization, or just a place to collect all your materials and brainstorms.

    Project Management

    Get help with assigning tasks, meeting goals and outlining your school projects here.

    1. Hitask: Manage to-do lists, schedules, ideas and iCal with Hitask.
    2. Toodledo: Toodledo is a task manager set on making you motivated and productive.
    3. Todoist: Todoist is another task manager that lets you integrate with Firefox sidebars, Gmail and more.
    4. Google Calendar: Share events, edit schedules and stay organized using this online calendar.
    5. Basecamp: Manage all of your files, task lists, deadlines, schedules, projects, and other collaboration materials online.
    6. Mecanbe: This social media site for goal-setting has a platform for groups.
    7. Flexlists: Create and share lists using this tool.
    8. FreeMind: This open source mind mapping tool makes it easy to map out projects.
    9. 88 Miles: This time tracking tool will keep you on top of schedules, hours worked, and more.
    10. ProjectStat.us: Keep your clients and team members happy when you use this tool to update them with the status of their project.

    Contacts and Communication

    These tools will help you keep all of your contacts and classmates organized while making it possible to meet up virtually.

    1. TimetoMeet: This online meeting tool synchronizes with online calendars.
    2. Campfire: Campfire provides real-time chat for groups.
    3. GroupTweet: Create a group Twitter account with this tool.
    4. Diarised: Diarised helps you pick the best meeting times for you and your friends.
    5. Highrise: Manage all of communications, including contact history, leads and more.
    6. TreePad Lite: Store your e-mails, texts, links and more with TreePad Lite.
    7. ClientScribe: ClientScribe saves and helps you manage communication histories, correspondence, contact information, and more.
    8. Google Talk: Use Google Talk for virtual communication. You can send text messages, voice chat and more.
    9. Google Groups: Set up a Google Group for an easy spot to track discussions and share links.
    10. Keepm: Keepm lets you store and share e-mail addresses.
    11. Grou.ps: Start up your own social network where you can create wikis, share files, manage communication and contacts lists, chat, share links, and a lot more. Grou.ps currently features unlimited disk space.


    Use these tools to share files, edit drafts, organize files and collaborate on a variety of school projects.

    1. Flickr: Organize and manipulate photo projects with Flickr.
    2. writewith: Writing groups can share documents, manage task lists, chat and more.
    3. Wridea: Organize your brainstorming on Wridea, which has tabs for themes, ideas and more.
    4. Loose Stitch: This tool helps you create and share outlines.
    5. Teamspinner: Teamspinner lets you track changes to sharable documents, lets you add wiki text, and is free to use for small projects.
    6. WhosOff: Remember which of your group members are unavailable or out of town with this tool.
    7. Central Desktop: Share, edit and save files with team members using Central Desktop.
    8. PingMe: Stay on track with PingMe, a service that lets you remind yourself and others of important deadlines and dates.
    9. Google Docs: Share and edit documents and spreadsheets online.
    10. Wikispaces: Create a wiki to carve out a web space for collaboration.
    11. Zoho: This collection of web-based tools and apps includes sharable organizers, chat, web conferencing, invoice creators, document manager, note taker, and more.
    12. MixTape.me: Create audio playlists to share, for inspiration, music projects, extra effects, and more.

    Bookmarks and Sharing

    Share your favorite links and inspirational materials here.

    1. Evernote: Clip and save web pages, record audio, and search and share your results with this tool.
    2. Facebook: Facebook makes it easy to share links from around the web.
    3. Google Notebook: Here you can pull links and notes from the web to safely store and send to friends.
    4. Digg: Store your favorite web pages on your Digg profile for friends to find easily.
    5. Delicious: Delicious is another tool that makes it easy to bookmark and share sites.
    6. ShareTabs: Organize a list of links to share via e-mail, Twitter and IM.
    7. diigo: Highlight web pages, share notes and annotations, and add sticky notes to websites with this tool.
    8. Email This: Add an Email This button to your browser to quickly clip and send web pages.


    Keep it all organized with these collaboration tools that include calendars and more.

    1. Backpack: Backpack supports a group calendar, place for announcements, stored and shared files, brainstorming, and more.
    2. Tellico: Organize collections with this organization manager.
    3. Famundo: This organizer is marketed to families but works for any group wanting to connect and share files, photos and more.
    4. Jott: Record voice messages and have them sent out as e-mails and texts to your group members.
    5. Remember the Milk: Manage your lists online with this tool. Remember the Milk also syncs up with Google calendar, Twitter and more.
    6. yaTimer: Track time spent on multiple projects.
    7. Fluttervoice: Freelancers and small businesses can create invoices here.
    8. SlideShare: Here you can share documents and presentations with your friends or the entire community.
    9. Jumpcut: Use Jumpcut as a place to store, edit and share movies.
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