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    Apr 30th, 2009

    By Sarah Russel

    Many students spend months stressing out about taking the SATs. After all, scores can make a big difference in many colleges’ willingness to accept students, so the effects of not doing well on the exam could be quite serious. This collection of online resources is designed to help you get the preparation, confidence and practice you need to do well on the exam, and hopefully increase your chances of getting into your top choice school.

    Know What to Expect

    These articles and guides lay out the basics of the SAT from how it’s formatted to how you need to sign up.

    1. About the SAT: Find out all you need to know about registering and taking the SAT from this site.
    2. SAT Scoring Report Dates: This chart will let you know when you can expect the results of your testing. It may make a big difference if the date falls after registration deadlines so make sure to take it before signing up for the exam.
    3. Test Dates and Fees: Here you’ll find all the dates when the SAT is being offered and what you’ll need to pay to take the exam.
    4. SAT Scores: Learn how SAT scores are calculated, what they mean and what you should aim for on this site.
    5. The SAT at a Glance: Want to know the basics? This Kaplan guide will ensure you know all the important stuff.
    6. ACT vs. SAT: Unsure what the difference is between the two? Don’t know which you should take? This guide can help clear things up.
    7. How SATs Work: This article of HowStuffWorks will explain to you in detail how the SAT functions and what you can expect when you take it.
    8. All About the SAT: Check out this guide from About.com to learn what you or your child will need to know prior to taking the test.
    9. What is the SAT?: Here you’ll get a straightforward answer as to just what the SAT is and how you’ll take it.
    10. Why Take the SAT?: If you don’t know why you need to take the SAT, this guide may provide some valuable insight into the long term effects of the test.
    11. PSAT vs. SAT: If you’ve already taken the PSAT learn how it compares to the SAT from this helpful article.

    General Test Preparation

    Pay these sites a visit to learn how best to prepare yourself to take the SAT.

    1. SAT Skills Insight: This tool will help you examine what will be expected from each section of the test and how you can build your skills to be better prepared for test day.
    2. SAT Test Preparation Tips: This site gives you advice on planning for every aspect of your testing experience.
    3. New Strategies for the SAT: Some changes have been made to the test in recent years. Make sure you’re prepared.
    4. SAT: 100 Success Secrets: This GoogleBooks title won’t let you read the whole thing, but there are numerous free sections that can be useful when prepping for the exam.
    5. 6 General SAT Prep Tips: Taken from the Official SAT Study Guide, this list will help you to know what’s important when getting ready for the SAT so you don’t miss out on any of the big stuff.
    6. How to Succeed with SAT Preparation: Visit this site to learn how you can make the most out of your preparation and ensure you’re in great shape for test day.
    7. Insider Tips for SAT Preparation: From using your study time wisely to tips for each part of the test, this guide will make it easier to navigate SAT prep.
    8. SAT Prep in 7 Steps: Check out this preparatory list to learn inexpensive ways to get ready for the exam and still do great.
    9. 5 Reasons to Take the SAT: Unsure how the SAT will help you outside of getting you into college? These benefits may surprise you.
    10. SAT Testing: What You Need to Know: This guide from Peterson’s will help you sign up, study and understand the SAT.
    11. Preparing for the SAT/ACT: FastWeb, an online scholarship search engine, offers this advice-filled article about how to get ready for the SAT with suggestions about free resources, books, software and courses.

    Test Taking Tips

    These tips can help you big time when you actually go in to take the test. You’ll learn what to bring, how to manage your time and much more.

    1. General Test-Taking Approaches: This guide from CollegeBoard can help give you some ideas of what to do if you don’t know an answer or need help on time management.
    2. SAT Test Day Tips: Don’t get a lower score because you arrived to the test unprepared. This site offers some ideas on how to feel good and avoid complications when testing.
    3. Test Day Guide: Learn what to bring, what to wear and how to manage testing stress from this helpful guide.
    4. What to Expect on Test Day and How to Prepare for It: The title of this article says it all. You’ll get some great insights into how to keep your cool, manage time and ensure you’re comfortable and confident throughout your test.
    5. Top Ten Test Taking Tips for Students: These general tips can help you do well on the SAT as well as any other test you may have to take.
    6. Test Taking and Anxiety: Does the thought of taking a test fill you with dread? This site offers advice on getting ready, staying organized and dealing with those feelings of anxiety that can sabotage your success.
    7. Memory Tips and Test Taking Strategies: Boost your chances of remembering what you studied and getting through your test without a hitch by checking out this site.
    8. Top 10 SAT and ACT Test-Taking Tips: Learn the basics of succeeding on the SAT with these simple tips.
    9. SAT Test Day: The Night Before and Morning Of: This article from ePrep will help remember all the little things that can prepare you for taking the SAT.
    10. Test Day Mishaps: While you should avoid these scenarios, if you do run into any problems this site can help you to find out what to do.

    Free Complete Tests

    These free tests will let you experience what it will really be like to take the exam, so you’ll be plenty ready when the real test day arrives.

    1. CollegeBoard SAT Practice Test: Print out this test to get some much-needed practice.
    2. Kaplan Free SAT Practice Test: This test allows you to gauge your skills in an online format and get a feel for what the real deal will be like.
    3. ProProfs SAT Practice Exams: Here you’ll find three different practice exams that will let you test your skills prior to test day.
    4. Peterson’s Free Practice Test: Take this online test for a chance to learn what it’s like to work in a timed situation.
    5. Princeton Review Free SAT: This site offers students the chance to sign up to take a free, in-person SAT exam. You’ll get the full experience of testing so you’ll be more than prepared when you take it for real.
    6. Princeton Review Online Test: Princeton Review also offers an online version of the SAT for students who’d prefer to prepare at home.
    7. Spark Notes SAT Practice Test: At SparkNotes, you’ll be able to take a full version of the SAT for practice. If you don’t have the time for a full exam, they also offer a mini-test.
    8. 4Tests SAT: This version of the test is from a few years back but will still help you practice your SAT skills.
    9. INeedAPencil SAT Tests: You’ll need to register for this site to access the materials but once you do you’ll get two free exams in PDF format.
    10. eNotes SAT Practice Tests: Register for this site and you’ll get access to a full SAT exam that you can take online.

    Flashcards and Games

    If you’re looking for an easy way to learn vocabulary or practice math problems, try out these online and printable flashcards and fun games.

    1. Kaplan’s Skill Builders: These games will make it fun and easy to study for your SAT.
    2. ProProfs SAT Flashcards: Give these free flashcards a try to get some cheap and effective practice for the exam.
    3. SAT Vocabulary Prep Flashcards: Improve your vocabulary for the SAT and beyond with these flashcards.
    4. Sheppard Software Vocabulary Games: Don’t make learning words a bore. These games will quiz you and help you build skills.
    5. Vocabulary Flashcards and Quizzes: Here you’ll find a great selection of tools to help you learn words that might show up on the exam.
    6. Flashcard Exchange: This site is designed to allow users to create and share flashcards on just about everything. You’ll find numerous SAT sets to help you prepare.
    7. Undergrad Flash: This program, which you can use for free during a trial period, tests you on common SAT vocabulary words.
    8. Vocabulary.com Test Prep: Here you’ll get tests and puzzles designed specifically to help you improve your ACT/SAT scores.
    9. 100 Most Common SAT Words: Play these matching, concentration, word search and flashcard games to learn while having fun.

    Practice Questions

    To prepare for specific areas of the test, these practice questions can be a great way to get focused practice.

    1. Official SAT Question of the Day: Those who are studying for the SAT several months in advance may find these daily questions a big help.
    2. SAT Test Practice Modules: These independent learning modules will allow you to test specific skills you’ll need on the exam like geometry, proper comma placement and reading graphs.
    3. Kaplan SAT Practice Questions: Each section of the test is covered by these helpful and free practice questions.
    4. Kaplan’s Facebook SAT Challenge: Why not integrate your studying into your social networking? This great app allows you to get quizzes and questions right in your Facebook account.
    5. ProProfs Practice Questions: Here you’ll get access to numerous questions in every category that can be a great help in studying for the exam.
    6. SAT Prep Tests: This site is home to quizzes to help you test your math skills and build your vocab.
    7. English-Test.net SAT Practice: If you’re in the mood to study your vocabulary and grammar this site is full of helpful quizzes and tests.
    8. SAT Prep Definitions Quizzes: Here you’ll find a collection of quizzes that can help you study the vocab you’ll need to perform well in the critical reading section.
    9. MajorTests.com Practice Questions: Whether you want to work on math, vocab or reading, these free questions will help you study right.
    10. My SAT Practice Free Questions: Both reading and mathematic skills are testable with these free questions.

    Critical Reading Help

    Use these tools to help you improve your chances of doing well on the critical reading portion of the test.

    1. Critical Reading: Students unsure of what they can expect from the critical reading section can find all the important info here.
    2. Sentence Completion Practice: These types of questions will make up a quarter of your critical reading section, so get great practice here with ten free quizzes.
    3. Vocabulary Practice: Check out this site to get instruction on vocab you’ll need for sentence completion, critical reading and analogies.
    4. Reading Comprehension Practice: You can expect to answer several questions related to reading comprehension on the SAT. These practice questions will give you an idea of what those questions will be like.
    5. SAT Critical Reading Prep: PBS.com provides this PDF file with tips and suggestions for doing well on this portion of the exam.
    6. About.com: SAT Critical Reading: Even if you’re not a great reader you’ll find helpful tips on this site.
    7. Syvum SAT Test Preparation: From specific questions to general vocabulary practice, this site has numerous tools to help you perform better.
    8. Mastering Critical Reading Questions: Step-by-Step: This guide makes it super simple to work your way through even the toughest critical reading questions.
    9. Critical Reading Strategies: Use these strategies to ensure you don’t get hung up on questions and waste valuable time.
    10. SAT Critical Reading Questions: Check out this site for some free sample questions to get your studying off on the right track.

    Math Prep

    These sites and tools are designed to help students learn the math skills they need to do well in the mathematics portion of the SAT.

    1. Math: Check out this guide to learn what you need to know about the format and time allotted for the math section.
    2. Practice Exams for Math Reasoning: You can expect to see some of these types of questions on your exam so practice ahead of time with these exams.
    3. OnlineMathLearning Free SAT Practice Test: Register for this site and you’ll be able to take a free test that covers the math portion of the exam.
    4. SAT Mathematics Review: This site has review sections for every type of question you’ll see on the exam.
    5. Study Guide Zone Math Practice Questions: These questions will give you some extra practice for the SAT.
    6. SAT Math Sampler: This introductory quiz can help you determine which areas you need to spend more time studying.
    7. SAT Math Problem of the Day: Get daily practice for the SAT by checking out this Yahoo! website.
    8. Mathaid.com SAT Practice: The full version of this program does cost to use, but you can try out select lessons for nothing with the demo offered.
    9. WebMath: If you find yourself getting stuck on math problems or just want to learn more about math this site can be a great resource.
    10. Free Math Help: From basic math like fractions to more complicated algebra, this site offers a number of free math teaching resources.

    Writing Improvement

    If you know writing is your weakest skill, then use these tools to get some help before you take the test.

    1. Writing: Here you’ll find a guide to everything you can expect from the writing section, from how much time you’ll have to what the test is designed to measure.
    2. Past SAT Essay Prompts: While you won’t see any of these on your exam, they can be a great reference for knowing what to expect and how to write an essay for the test.
    3. SAT Writing Section: This article will give you a little background on the writing section as well as tips on performing well.
    4. Essay Writing for the SAT: Check out this site for sample essays, formats and practice topics.
    5. SAT Writing: On this blog you’ll find a large number of tips designed to help you improve your writing.
    6. SAT Quiz: Writing Section: This Encarta quiz will let you practice your writing skills ahead of time.
    7. Writing for the SAT: Build your confidence and skills by learning what you can from this helpful guide.
    8. SAT Writing Essentials: This whole book is free to use, giving you information on improving your writing, formatting an essay and some great practice quizzes.
    9. The SAT Writing Cram Sheet: These tips will help you remember the most important things you’ll need to know for the exam.
    10. SAT Writing Practice Questions: Gear up for the real thing by practicing at home with these free questions.

    Study Guides and Forums

    Find a little help and guidance from experts and other students through these resources.

    1. ProProfs SAT Wiki: On this site you’ll find numerous articles, notes and study guides to help you prepare.
    2. SAT Test Forum: Chat with other students who are going to take the exam or have already taken in to get some insights and advice.
    3. SAT Exam Prep Study Guide: This complete study guide will walk you through each part of the exam, giving you practice questions along the way.
    4. PinkMonkey SAT Study Guide: This site offers a myriad of study guides and reading materials, including those designed to help you perform better on the SAT.
    5. Study Beans SAT Study Guide: From creating a study plan to focusing on each section of the test, you’ll find tons of helpful information here.
    6. How to Choose a Study Guide for the SAT: If you do want to invest in study materials this guide will help you figure out what’s right for you so you won’t waste money and time.
    7. Preparation Forum for the SAT: This site will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and read discussions about the SAT.
    8. College Confidential SAT and ACT Forums: Check out these forums to learn more from your peers about these exams.
    9. SAT Test Forum and Information: From general information to study tips, you’ll find all kinds of great tips and advice on this forum.
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