• 100 Best Twitter Feeds for College Sports Fanatics

    Apr 9th, 2009

    If you’re crazy about your college sports, you’ll be glad to know there’s a great tool for keeping up with your favorite teams in real time — Twitter. You can follow coaches, schools, teams, and more through the service. Check out these feeds for up-to-the minute information on all your favorite college teams.


    Check out these school feeds if you’re a major fan

    1. @RalphieReport: @RalphieReport offers updates from Colorado Buffaloes athletics.
    2. @txlonghorns: See what’s going on with the Texas Longhorns from @txlonghorns.
    3. @bighouse: The Michigan Wolverines discuss victories and news in The Big House here.
    4. @aggies: You’ll be kept up to date on developments from the Texas A&M Aggies through @aggies.
    5. @UNLVAthletics: Get official updates from UNLV Athletics here.
    6. @PUTIGERS: Find updates on Princeton University athletic events from @PUTIGERS.
    7. @harvardcrimson: @harvardcrimson is the official twitter feed of Harvard Athletics.
    8. @NunesMagician: Sean Keeley discusses Syracuse Orange football, basketball, and lacrosse.
    9. @WPIAthletics: Here you’ll find athletics news, events, and score updates.
    10. @DePaulAthletics: Here you’ll find the official Twitter feed of the DePaul Blue Demons.
    11. cubuffs: You’ll get the latest on the Colorado Buffaloes from @cubuffs.
    12. @BUAthletics: Find official updates from Boston University athletics on @BUAthletics.
    13. @osucowboys: @osucowboys covers anything and everything about the Oklahoma State Cowboys.
    14. @USCTrojans_com: You’ll get full coverage of the USC Trojans from this Twitter feed.
    15. @UWSportsNews: Here you’ll get sports news from the Washington Huskies.
    16. USInsider: Get the inside scoop on Princeton from Michael Cross, the Executive Associate Athletic Director for Princeton University.
    17. @huskers: Check out @huskers to see what’s going on with the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
    18. @SyracuseStats: Learn about news, scores, and stats from Syracuse on @SyracuseStats.
    19. @Sidelines: You’ll find updates on the University of Kentucky from @Sidelines.
    20. @BroncoNationNOW: @BroncoNationNOW is the Twitter feed behind the Bronco Nation blog and podcast.
    21. @ICGaels: Iona College Athletics offers updates on this Twitter feed.
    22. @BuckeyeKev: Kevin Pressler is a fervent supporter of the Ohio State Buckeyes.
    23. @UWBadgersdotcom: Read news about University of Wisconsin Athletics from the Wisconsin Badget mascot.
    24. @sooners: @sooners offers a great source on information on the Oklahoma Sooners.
    25. @PB_at_BON: Follow Longhorn Mania with Peter Bean.
    26. @GoLSUTigers: Follow LSU football and more when you follow this Twitter stream.


    Follow organizations like the NCAA and conferences on these Twitter feeds.

    1. @NCAA: You’ll get scores and more from @NCAA on Twitter.
    2. @bigtenconf: Follow @bigtenconf to learn about the Big Ten Conference.
    3. @d3hoops: @d3hoops covers news from NCAA Division III basketball.
    4. @CentennialConf: Learn about the NCAA Division III conference from this Twitter feed.
    5. @NCAADoubleAZone: @NCAADoubleAZone discusses news from the official blog of the NCAA.
    6. @NCAANews: Read news about Pac10Rivalry: Follow the Pac10 through this Twitter feed.
    7. NCAC: Keri Luchowski offers updates from the North Coast Athletic Conference.
    8. @SECSportsUpdate: You can find official news on the Southeastern Conference from @SECSportsUpdate.
    9. @FastTimesSEC: Here you’ll find news and commentary about SEC football.
    10. @BigTenNetwork: The Big Ten Network is all about Big Ten fans talking about sports.
    11. @BehindtheNCAA: You can get inside info on college sports from @BehindtheNCAA.
    12. @caazone: Get coverage of the Colonial Athletic Association at @caazone.
    13. @BigWestMBB: Follow men’s basketball in the Big West Conference through @BigWestMBB.
    14. @atlantic10: Through @atlantic10, you can follow the happenings of the Atlantic 10 conference.
    15. @BigTen_Score: @BigTen_Score serves up scores from the Big Ten conference.
    16. @TheMWC: Check out @TheMWC to get official news from the Mountain West Conference.


    These Twitter feeds feature head coaches and more.

    1. @CoachMiles: Tim Miles is the head coach of CSU men’s basketball.
    2. @Ryan_Darcy: Ryan Darcy is the pitching coach for Manhattan College baseball.
    3. @CoachSark: Follow Coach Steve Sarisian, the head football coach at the University of Washington.
    4. @utesoccer: Rich Manning is the coach of the women’s soccer team at University of Utah.


    Learn what’s happening in bowls from these Twitter feeds.

    1. @ATTCottonBowl: This Twitter feed offers official news from the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic.
    2. @FiestaBowl: @FiestaBowl is full of official news and sports musings.


    These Twitter feeds represent large media outlets for college sports.

    1. @espn: ESPN Sports News shares the latest from college football, basketball, and more.
    2. @AP_Sports: Follow @AP_Sports to be the first to know about sports news.
    3. @dailyorange: Get sports updates from The Daily Orange, the independent student paper at Syracuse.
    4. LATimessports: @LATimessports offers reports on what’s going on in national and Southern California sports.
    5. @pretzel_logic: @pretzel_logic represents Philly.com’s blog about college sports.
    6. @FOXSportscom: @FOXSportscom is the Twitter presence for FOXSports.com.
    7. @nbc_sports: @nbc_sports covers sports news from NBC Sports and msnbc.com.
    8. @nytimessports: Get news from the experts at New York Times sports.
    9. @osknights: The Orlando Sentinel writes about the Knights here.
    10. @BillPlaschke: This columnist at the LA times is also a regular panelist on ESPN’s "Around the Horn."
    11. @OregonianSports: You’ll find sports updates from The Oregonian here.
    12. @osgridiron: Find college football from the Orlando Sentinel on @osgridiron.
    13. @dmatter: Dave Matter is a college football writer for the Columbia Daily Tribune.
    14. @ESPN360: Check out @ESPN360 to find out which sports are streaming live.
    15. @orlandosports: The Orlando Sentinel reports on Central Florida sports here.
    16. @PSbasketball: Find coverage of Syracuse University’s men’s basketball from the Post Standard on @PSbasketball.
    17. @ESPN_Brackets: This stream follows the NCAA tournament.


    Check out these Twitter feeds for specific sports, like football, basketball, and hockey.

    1. @RUTWncaaf: @RUWTncaaf covers NCAA football.
    2. @clemsonfootball: Rob Williams offers updates on Clemson Football here.
    3. @BracketBusters: @BracketBusters loves college hoops.
    4. @nikebasketball: @nikebasketball covers anything and everything basketball.
    5. @princetontigers: You can find updates from Princeton basketball on this Twitter feed.
    6. @bracketdobber: @bracketdobber is "blogging the bracket."
    7. @umhoops: @umhoops offers unofficial University of Michigan basketball news.
    8. @bbstate: @bbstate is all about too much college basketball.
    9. @CollegeHoopsNet: Find loads of knowledge about college basketball through College Hoops Net.
    10. @RUWTncaab: This Twitter stream will keep you up to date on college basketball.
    11. @psubaseball: Get Penn State baseball scores and more from @psubaseball.
    12. @TheCBB: Follow the College Baseball Blog through @TheCBB.
    13. @rhodybaseball: Follow the happenings of the University of Rhode Island baseball team from @rhodybaseball.
    14. @BadgerMBBall: Here you’ll find official news from Wisconsin Badger Men’s Basketball.
    15. @BracketBuster: Get NCAA tournament news from @BracketBuster.
    16. @huskerhellion: Find Husker football updates, links, rumors and more on @huskerhellion.
    17. @usffootball: This Twitter stream has official news on USF Football.
    18. @GatorsNow: @GatorsNow follows Florida Gators football and basketball.
    19. @BadgerMHockey: @BadgerMHockey is your source for Wisconsin men’s hockey.
    20. @chnews: Get updated on college hockey news through @chnews.
    21. @BadgerRowing: See what the Badger rowing team is up to through this Twitter feed.
    22. @BSUHockey: Learn about Bemidji State University hockey from @BSUHockey.
    23. @CornNation: This tweeter is addicted to Husker football.
    24. @cffwire: Get college football fever from @cffwire.
    25. @BadgerFootball: You can get official news about the Wisconsin football team from this Twitter feed.


    These Twitter feeds cover a wide variety of college sports.

    1. @collegeathlete: Karen Weaver is a college athletic recruiting educator.
    2. @FanNation: @FanNation is a sports social network from Sports Illustrated.
    3. @sbncollege: This sports blog is written for college sports fans, by college sports fans.
    4. @LearfieldSports: Aaron Worsham discusses collegiate sports marketing and beyond.
    5. @BleacherReport: Max at BleacherReport offers an open source sports network.
    6. @GSPWINS: Get sports picks and predictions from @GSPWINS.
    7. @thesportsdiva: Diva Cherie Lampley is a big fan of sports.
    8. @idiotsonsports: Here, three idiots talk about sports.
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