• 100 Best Twitter Feeds for All Your News and Know How

    May 21st, 2009

    The ability for Twitter to disseminate news quickly and efficiently has recently been at the forefront of the news itself. Despite the hubbub, many have discovered that Twitter is an excellent source for real-time news that readers can trust. If you want to take advantage of this powerful resource, find out how with the following Twitter feeds that share news from around the world and on a wide range of subjects.

    American News Sources

    From the New York Times to major TV news stations to Time Magazine, the following Twitter feeds are excellent resources for news.

    1. @New York Times. The Twitter feed from this popular news source includes news stories from all of the departments at this paper, including local, national, international, health and wellness, politics, and much more.
    2. @Reuters. Get links to all the top headlines from Reuters news with this Twitter feed.
    3. @cnn. Get CNN news headlines from around the world as well as entertainment and video links.
    4. @msnbc. Find all the headlines from MSNBC as they happen on this feed.
    5. @CBSNews. CBS provides all their breaking news on their Twitter feed.
    6. @ABC. This Twitter feed provides all the official ABC News stories including world news, TV broadcast information, and breaking news.
    7. @foxnews. Get your favorite Fox News stories as they happen by following this feed.
    8. @ChicagoTribune. This feed brings you news from the Chicago Tribune via Twitter.
    9. @LATimesnews. The Los Angeles Times updates their Twitter feed with the latest headlines from their paper.
    10. @TIME. Get breaking news and current events from Time.com here.

    International News Sources

    If you prefer your news coming from places other than the US, then check out these Twitter feeds.

    1. @APNews. This news source is probably the most widely used and respected throughout the world. Get their feed to stay on top of what’s happing all over the world.
    2. @japantimes. The largest English language newspaper in Japan posts news headlines in their Twitter feed.
    3. @africanewsfeed. Africa News provides news stories from all over the continent and makes them readily available here.
    4. @CBCNews. Canadian news stories and views are published on this feed.
    5. @bbcnews. This popular news source from the UK delivers news headlines and links to stories happening around the world.
    6. @BreakingNews. Get breaking international news from several reputable news sources in this feed.
    7. @guardian. Get Tweets from this UK news source from their blog and website.
    8. @TelegraphNews. Those in the UK can get the latest headlines straight from the Telegraph here.
    9. @China_Daily. Get the news from China Daily with the headlines in this feed.
    10. @New_Europe. Find the latest headlines and news analyses on this feed from Europe’s only independent weekly.
    11. @insideeurope. These posts include news from Deutsche Welle Radio.
    12. @AfganistanNews. This feed provides news stories that focus on what’s happening in Afghanistan.

    Social Media and Internet Sources

    The news available through social media often highlights stories that don’t make their way onto the front pages of news papers and websites. Find less highlighted news stories with these feeds.

    1. @Google News. Get both breaking news and updates to news stories coming from Google News with this feed.
    2. @YahooNews. Yahoo! provides news headlines and links to stories coming out of major news sources.
    3. @MSNdotcom. Find the latest headlines from MSN right here on their official Twitter feed.
    4. @digg. If you are a Digg fan, then follow this feed to stay on top of what is happening at Digg.
    5. @reddit. Get the latest popular stories from Reddit with this Twitter feed.
    6. @stumbleupon. Right now there isn’t much going on at this Twitter feed, but there have been rumblings that this might be a great feed to follow when they get it together.
    7. @mixx. Another social media site that brings the news to you via Twitter, the Mixx feed keeps you updated on what is happening there and even provides opportunities for contests.
    8. @Delicious. Get all the latest Delicious news and happenings behind the scenes at this popular social media site.
    9. @socialmedia2day. This feed shares news and opinions on the world of social media straight from their website, Social Media Today.

    Sports News

    No matter what sport is your favorite, you can find the latest news among these feeds.

    1. @espn. Never miss a sports headline when you follow ESPN’s Twitter feed.
    2. @NBA. Basketball fans who follow the NBA teams will love the news available here.
    3. @nfl. Get all the NFL news you need with this Twitter feed.
    4. @NHL_Updates. Find the latest scores and news from the NHL on this feed.
    5. @worldwidecycles. Not only will you find cycling news here, but you will also get updates on races and time trials.
    6. @PGATOUR. Get your official PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and Nationwide Tour news updates on this Twitter feed.
    7. @velonews. Competitive cycling news updates keeps this Twitter feed busy.
    8. @NCAANews. Find all the latest news headlines coming out of the NCAA on this feed.
    9. @NASCAR. NASCAR fans can find tons of links to news pertaining to NASCAR races, drivers, and more.


    Follow politics with these feeds that range from President Obama to those following the recession.

    1. @whitehouse. Get the latest updates from President Obama at this new Twitter feed.
    2. @nprpolitics. NPR brings you politics with their usual high quality news and conversations on the subject.
    3. @ReutersPolitics. Pulling news stories from Reuters’ Politics section, this Twitter feed provides you with a sampling of what Reuters is reporting.
    4. @algore. This former presidential candidate and environmental activist posts about politics with a tinge of green.
    5. @HouseFloor. The clerk of the US House of Representatives posts live updates on this feed.
    6. @HuffPolitics. Find breaking political news, alerts, and links to headlines from the Huffington Post.
    7. @politicalticker. CNN Political Ticker provides all the latest political news from their top political correspondents.
    8. @RecessionNews. Get news related to the recession as it affects people all around the globe.
    9. @recessionwire. Learn how to survive the recession with the news and tips available on this feed.

    Business and Finance

    If you need your business and finance news, try getting a steady stream from these Twitter feeds.

    1. @WSJ. The Wall Street Journal supplies you with business and finance news headlines in this feed.
    2. @tipd. This feed from Tip’d financial social network provides you with popular links from their network to help keep you abreast of what’s going on in the world of finance.
    3. @Financial Times. This feed provides you with the latest news from world finance, business, and politics with a London perspective.
    4. @Reuters_Biz. Reuters brings you up-to-the-minute business news with their Twitter feed.
    5. @LATimesbiz. Business and finance news from the LA Times supply the information on this feed.
    6. @LATimesmoneyco. Economics and the stock market are the focus of this feed from Tom Petruno and staff at the LA Times.
    7. @beckyyerak. Becky Yerak, a financial services reporter from the Chicago Tribune, keeps you updated on all the latest news from the world of banking, private equity, and insurance.
    8. @businessnews. Get business, finance, and stock market news from traderstrade.com here.
    9. @CNNMoney. Find international business and finance news on this feed.
    10. @nytimesbusiness. NY Times business news links are available here as the stories develop.
    11. @bbcbusiness. BBC Business shares international business news with a British accent.

    Arts and Living

    Find news and reviews on books, music, travel, health, and fashion among these feeds.

    1. @amazon. From Amazon.com, not only can you get book news here, but if you follow and send a direct message with a book title or ISBN, they will send you the price of the book on Amazon.com.
    2. @new_music. Find out about new music with this feed that only includes music that receives a rating over 8.0 on Pitchfork.
    3. @lotd. Snippets of popular song lyrics show up on this feed. Choose to browse through these lyrics of the day or add your own.
    4. @GlobeHealth. Get health news from the Boston Globe with this feed.
    5. @NYTimesBooks. Read about critic picks for new releases, get author interviews, and read book news here.
    6. @nytimesarts. Find arts and entertainment news coming from the NY Times.
    7. @nytimestravel. Get reviews, news, recommendations, and inspiration for your travel adventures in this Twitter feed.
    8. @goodhealth. Find plenty of health and wellness news stories here.
    9. @womensweardaily. Arguably the most important publication on fashion, Women’s Wear Daily Tweets about fashion news, quotes, and more.


    From science for the average Joe to news from NASA and everywhere in between, keep up with science news with these feeds.

    1. @NatGeoSociety. Find news as well as the popular Photo of the Day at the National Geographic Society’s Twitter feed.
    2. @NASA. Get the latest news from NASA on this feed that also features daily images from space.
    3. @SciNewsBlog. This feed shares science news that is easy enough for those who are not scientists to understand.
    4. @nytimesscience. Get all the latest news on science, the environment, and space from the New York Times here.
    5. @TrineTsouderos. A science and health reporter from the Chicago Tribune, Trine keeps you updated on the latest in science and medical news.
    6. @newscientist. This science and technology weekly brings the headlines to readers in this feed.
    7. @scifri. From the show Science Friday, this feed shares links to science stories as well as updates for the show.
    8. @DiscoverMag. Technology, space, and the environment are some of the topics covered by the Tweets in this feed from Discover Magazine.
    9. @sciencedaily. Get breaking news from the world of science courtesy of ScienceDaily here.

    Tech News

    Whether you want the details going on in the tech world or just want to learn about the latest gadgets coming out, follow these feeds to find out more.

    1. @CNETNews. Get the latest tech news headlines from this popular tech news source.
    2. @wired. Find the latest tech news from Wired Magazine in this official Twitter feed by the science editor @betsymason.
    3. @Gizmodo. This popular gadget blog shares news updates on this feed.
    4. @TechCrunch. Breaking technology news and opinion from the editors and writers at TechCrunch are found on this feed.
    5. @Techmeme. This feed brings you all the latest tech news from sites all around the web in one easy-to-follow stream of information.
    6. @LATimestech. Get technology news from the LA Times on this feed.
    7. @truemors. This Twitter feed was intended as a place for all the true rumors flying around the Internet, it has a decidedly tech feel to it.
    8. @engadgeteer. Engadgeteer.com shares all the latest technology gadget news, reviews, and release dates on their Twitter feed.
    9. @ZDNetBlogs. Technology news features on ZDNet’s blogs make their way to this feed.
    10. @techweb. Find the latest news links that discuss business technology here.

    Celebrity and Entertainment News

    If you want the latest in celebrity gossip or just like to keep up with current events, these Twitter feeds will send you a steady stream of news.

    1. @LATimesent. Get all the latest entertainment news from the epicenter of it all with this feed.
    2. @eonline. For scoops, previews, and reviews that cover the world of celebrity and entertainment, check out E! Online’s Tweets.
    3. @WonderwallMSN. This newcomer to the world of celebrity news brings you their Twitter feed here.
    4. @peoplemag. If you like People Magazine, then you won’t want to miss this feed that keeps you updated with all the celebrity news.
    5. @usweekly. This popular celebrity gossip magazine brings you Tweets all day long so you never miss any celebrity gossip.
    6. @GMA. Good Morning America shares their brand of current event news with readers on this feed.
    7. @todayshow. Find news, interviews with both celebrities and regular people, and more from the Today Show.
    8. @theviewtv. From recipes to interviews, readers can find it all on this feed from The View.

    Odds and Ends

    For fans of strange news, these Twitter feeds are not to be missed.

    1. @TheOnion. Get the best fake news available right here.
    2. @RtrsOddlyEnough. This Twitter feed provides some of the odd news stories profiled in Reuters’ Oddly Enough blog.
    3. @TelegraphWeird. The Telegraph offers some very strange news stories from around the world on this feed.
    4. @msnukoddnews. The UK version of MSN shares some really odd news on their Twitter feed.
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