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    100 Best Twitter Feeds for All Your News and Know How

    May 21st, 2009

    The ability for Twitter to disseminate news quickly and efficiently has recently been at the forefront of the news itself. Despite the hubbub, many have discovered that Twitter is an excellent source for real-time news that readers can trust. If you want to take advantage of this powerful resource, find out how with the following Twitter feeds that share news from around the world and on a wide range of subjects.

    American News Sources

    From the New York Times to major TV news stations to Time Magazine, the following Twitter feeds are excellent resources for news.

    1. @New York Times. The Twitter feed from this popular news source includes news stories from all of the departments at this paper, including local, national, international, health and wellness, politics, and much more.
    2. @Reuters. Get links to all the top headlines from Reuters news with this Twitter feed.
    3. @cnn. Get CNN news headlines from around the world as well as entertainment and video links.
    4. @msnbc. Find all the headlines from MSNBC as they happen on this feed.
    5. @CBSNews. CBS provides all their breaking news on their Twitter feed.
    6. @ABC. This Twitter feed provides all the official ABC News stories including world news, TV broadcast information, and breaking news.
    7. @foxnews. Get your favorite Fox News stories as they happen by following this feed.
    8. @ChicagoTribune. This feed brings you news from the Chicago Tribune via Twitter.
    9. @LATimesnews. The Los Angeles Times updates their Twitter feed with the latest headlines from their paper.
    10. @TIME. Get breaking news and current events from Time.com here.

    International News Sources

    If you prefer your news coming from places other than the US, then check out these Twitter feeds.

    1. @APNews. This news source is probably the most widely used and respected throughout the world. Get their feed to stay on top of what’s happing all over the world.
    2. @japantimes. The largest English language newspaper in Japan posts news headlines in their Twitter feed.
    3. @africanewsfeed. Africa News provides news stories from all over the continent and makes them readily available here.
    4. @CBCNews. Canadian news stories and views are published on this feed.
    5. @bbcnews. This popular news source from the UK delivers news headlines and links to stories happening around the world.
    6. @BreakingNews. Get breaking international news from several reputable news sources in this feed.
    7. @guardian. Get Tweets from this UK news source from their blog and website.
    8. @TelegraphNews. Those in the UK can get the latest headlines straight from the Telegraph here.
    9. @China_Daily. Get the news from China Daily with the headlines in this feed.
    10. @New_Europe. Find the latest headlines and news analyses on this feed from Europe’s only independent weekly.
    11. @insideeurope. These posts include news from Deutsche Welle Radio.
    12. @AfganistanNews. This feed provides news stories that focus on what’s happening in Afghanistan.

    Social Media and Internet Sources

    The news available through social media often highlights stories that don’t make their way onto the front pages of news papers and websites. Find less highlighted news stories with these feeds.

    1. @Google News. Get both breaking news and updates to news stories coming from Google News with this feed.
    2. @YahooNews. Yahoo! provides news headlines and links to stories coming out of major news sources.
    3. @MSNdotcom. Find the latest headlines from MSN right here on their official Twitter feed.
    4. @digg. If you are a Digg fan, then follow this feed to stay on top of what is happening at Digg.
    5. @reddit. Get the latest popular stories from Reddit with this Twitter feed.
    6. @stumbleupon. Right now there isn’t much going on at this Twitter feed, but there have been rumblings that this might be a great feed to follow when they get it together.
    7. @mixx. Another social media site that brings the news to you via Twitter, the Mixx feed keeps you updated on what is happening there and even provides opportunities for contests.
    8. @Delicious. Get all the latest Delicious news and happenings behind the scenes at this popular social media site.
    9. @socialmedia2day. This feed shares news and opinions on the world of social media straight from their website, Social Media Today.

    Sports News

    No matter what sport is your favorite, you can find the latest news among these feeds.

    1. @espn. Never miss a sports headline when you follow ESPN’s Twitter feed.
    2. @NBA. Basketball fans who follow the NBA teams will love the news available here.
    3. @nfl. Get all the NFL news you need with this Twitter feed.
    4. @NHL_Updates. Find the latest scores and news from the NHL on this feed.
    5. @worldwidecycles. Not only will you find cycling news here, but you will also get updates on races and time trials.
    6. @PGATOUR. Get your official PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and Nationwide Tour news updates on this Twitter feed.
    7. @velonews. Competitive cycling news updates keeps this Twitter feed busy.
    8. @NCAANews. Find all the latest news headlines coming out of the NCAA on this feed.
    9. @NASCAR. NASCAR fans can find tons of links to news pertaining to NASCAR races, drivers, and more.


    Follow politics with these feeds that range from President Obama to those following the recession.

    1. @whitehouse. Get the latest updates from President Obama at this new Twitter feed.
    2. @nprpolitics. NPR brings you politics with their usual high quality news and conversations on the subject.
    3. @ReutersPolitics. Pulling news stories from Reuters’ Politics section, this Twitter feed provides you with a sampling of what Reuters is reporting.
    4. @algore. This former presidential candidate and environmental activist posts about politics with a tinge of green.
    5. @HouseFloor. The clerk of the US House of Representatives posts live updates on this feed.
    6. @HuffPolitics. Find breaking political news, alerts, and links to headlines from the Huffington Post.
    7. @politicalticker. CNN Political Ticker provides all the latest political news from their top political correspondents.
    8. @RecessionNews. Get news related to the recession as it affects people all around the globe.
    9. @recessionwire. Learn how to survive the recession with the news and tips available on this feed.

    Business and Finance

    If you need your business and finance news, try getting a steady stream from these Twitter feeds.

    1. @WSJ. The Wall Street Journal supplies you with business and finance news headlines in this feed.
    2. @tipd. This feed from Tip’d financial social network provides you with popular links from their network to help keep you abreast of what’s going on in the world of finance.
    3. @Financial Times. This feed provides you with the latest news from world finance, business, and politics with a London perspective.
    4. @Reuters_Biz. Reuters brings you up-to-the-minute business news with their Twitter feed.
    5. @LATimesbiz. Business and finance news from the LA Times supply the information on this feed.
    6. @LATimesmoneyco. Economics and the stock market are the focus of this feed from Tom Petruno and staff at the LA Times.
    7. @beckyyerak. Becky Yerak, a financial services reporter from the Chicago Tribune, keeps you updated on all the latest news from the world of banking, private equity, and insurance.
    8. @businessnews. Get business, finance, and stock market news from traderstrade.com here.
    9. @CNNMoney. Find international business and finance news on this feed.
    10. @nytimesbusiness. NY Times business news links are available here as the stories develop.
    11. @bbcbusiness. BBC Business shares international business news with a British accent.

    Arts and Living

    Find news and reviews on books, music, travel, health, and fashion among these feeds.

    1. @amazon. From Amazon.com, not only can you get book news here, but if you follow and send a direct message with a book title or ISBN, they will send you the price of the book on Amazon.com.
    2. @new_music. Find out about new music with this feed that only includes music that receives a rating over 8.0 on Pitchfork.
    3. @lotd. Snippets of popular song lyrics show up on this feed. Choose to browse through these lyrics of the day or add your own.
    4. @GlobeHealth. Get health news from the Boston Globe with this feed.
    5. @NYTimesBooks. Read about critic picks for new releases, get author interviews, and read book news here.
    6. @nytimesarts. Find arts and entertainment news coming from the NY Times.
    7. @nytimestravel. Get reviews, news, recommendations, and inspiration for your travel adventures in this Twitter feed.
    8. @goodhealth. Find plenty of health and wellness news stories here.
    9. @womensweardaily. Arguably the most important publication on fashion, Women’s Wear Daily Tweets about fashion news, quotes, and more.


    From science for the average Joe to news from NASA and everywhere in between, keep up with science news with these feeds.

    1. @NatGeoSociety. Find news as well as the popular Photo of the Day at the National Geographic Society’s Twitter feed.
    2. @NASA. Get the latest news from NASA on this feed that also features daily images from space.
    3. @SciNewsBlog. This feed shares science news that is easy enough for those who are not scientists to understand.
    4. @nytimesscience. Get all the latest news on science, the environment, and space from the New York Times here.
    5. @TrineTsouderos. A science and health reporter from the Chicago Tribune, Trine keeps you updated on the latest in science and medical news.
    6. @newscientist. This science and technology weekly brings the headlines to readers in this feed.
    7. @scifri. From the show Science Friday, this feed shares links to science stories as well as updates for the show.
    8. @DiscoverMag. Technology, space, and the environment are some of the topics covered by the Tweets in this feed from Discover Magazine.
    9. @sciencedaily. Get breaking news from the world of science courtesy of ScienceDaily here.

    Tech News

    Whether you want the details going on in the tech world or just want to learn about the latest gadgets coming out, follow these feeds to find out more.

    1. @CNETNews. Get the latest tech news headlines from this popular tech news source.
    2. @wired. Find the latest tech news from Wired Magazine in this official Twitter feed by the science editor @betsymason.
    3. @Gizmodo. This popular gadget blog shares news updates on this feed.
    4. @TechCrunch. Breaking technology news and opinion from the editors and writers at TechCrunch are found on this feed.
    5. @Techmeme. This feed brings you all the latest tech news from sites all around the web in one easy-to-follow stream of information.
    6. @LATimestech. Get technology news from the LA Times on this feed.
    7. @truemors. This Twitter feed was intended as a place for all the true rumors flying around the Internet, it has a decidedly tech feel to it.
    8. @engadgeteer. Engadgeteer.com shares all the latest technology gadget news, reviews, and release dates on their Twitter feed.
    9. @ZDNetBlogs. Technology news features on ZDNet’s blogs make their way to this feed.
    10. @techweb. Find the latest news links that discuss business technology here.

    Celebrity and Entertainment News

    If you want the latest in celebrity gossip or just like to keep up with current events, these Twitter feeds will send you a steady stream of news.

    1. @LATimesent. Get all the latest entertainment news from the epicenter of it all with this feed.
    2. @eonline. For scoops, previews, and reviews that cover the world of celebrity and entertainment, check out E! Online’s Tweets.
    3. @WonderwallMSN. This newcomer to the world of celebrity news brings you their Twitter feed here.
    4. @peoplemag. If you like People Magazine, then you won’t want to miss this feed that keeps you updated with all the celebrity news.
    5. @usweekly. This popular celebrity gossip magazine brings you Tweets all day long so you never miss any celebrity gossip.
    6. @GMA. Good Morning America shares their brand of current event news with readers on this feed.
    7. @todayshow. Find news, interviews with both celebrities and regular people, and more from the Today Show.
    8. @theviewtv. From recipes to interviews, readers can find it all on this feed from The View.

    Odds and Ends

    For fans of strange news, these Twitter feeds are not to be missed.

    1. @TheOnion. Get the best fake news available right here.
    2. @RtrsOddlyEnough. This Twitter feed provides some of the odd news stories profiled in Reuters’ Oddly Enough blog.
    3. @TelegraphWeird. The Telegraph offers some very strange news stories from around the world on this feed.
    4. @msnukoddnews. The UK version of MSN shares some really odd news on their Twitter feed.

    100 Awesome Time-Saving iPhone Apps for Students and Web Workers

    May 18th, 2009

    It seems like there isn’t much you can’t do on an iPhone. This makes it the perfect gadget for students and web workers alike who need the convenience and ease of having schedules, finance tools, reference materials and more at their fingertips. Here are 100 apps that are well worth trying out as they can save you time, streamline your daily activities and make keeping up with schoolwork or real work much easier.

    Calendars and To-do Lists

    These calendars and to-do lists will help you keep on task and always know what you have to do in a given day, week or month.

    1. 30Boxes: Use this calendar to keep track of birthdays, monitor what you’ve got to get done and share your information with others.
    2. Google Calendar: If you’re already using Google Calendar why not take it on the road? Use this app to keep track of your important dates.
    3. 43 Actions: This Getting Things Done inspired application will help you keep track of all your important to-dos.
    4. Date Wheel: Want to know how long you have before that big exam? Before you’ll get paid next? This application will let you know the time between two dates.
    5. Remember the Milk: Many students and web workers may already be using this great application. With the iPhone version you can take it with you anywhere.
    6. Todo List: Check out this application to monitor your to-dos and keep them handy at all times.
    7. iStudent: Input your class schedule and important events into this student-centered to-do list that tracks assignments, holidays and more.
    8. Toodledo: This task manager will help you stay organized and productive.
    9. Pocket Informant LITE: If you’re in the market for a fully-featured mobile calendar check out this one with GTD features.
    10. EasyTask Manager: Here you’ll find a to-do list that will work both on your iPhone and your Mac.
    11. Checklist: This basic checklist allows users to create a big list of things they need to get done.
    12. Things: Download this task manager to get a simple and intuitive system to track all your important information.
    13. iProcrastinate Mobile: Tired of being a procrastinator and racing to get things done at the last minute? This app can help you to better manage and stay on top of all the things you need to do.

    Organization and Productivity

    Check out these apps to better organize your life and get more done.

    1. iiBlueSky: This mindmapping tool can help you get your thoughts organize and decide what to do next.
    2. Torch: Keep your projects for work or school totally organized with this great application.
    3. Sugar Sync: With this application you’ll be able to sync up your files on your computer and your iPhone.
    4. The Carrot: Track everything going on in your life with this tool including diet, exercise, medicines, projects and more.
    5. MobileMe: MobileMe will help you keep all your information in sync, from calendars to files.
    6. Harvest Tracker: For web workers, this tool can be essential. You’ll get access to time tracking, expense logging and invoicing.
    7. reQall: Need help remembering things? This tool is designed to help you capture and organize all your ideas, contacts and information.
    8. OmniFocus: This award-winning application is a great way to track your projects, your to-dos and more.
    9. WorkTimer Lite: Keep track of where your time is going with this app. Whether you need to track hours for billing or just make sure you aren’t spending too much time on the web, you can do both on this app.

    Taking Notes

    Jot down all those brilliant ideas using these iPhone apps.

    1. Evernote: Create text, photos and audio notes and sync them with your iPhone and computer with Evernote.
    2. Thumb Jot: Use this tool to jot down all your thoughts and notes as they come to you.
    3. iTalk Recorder: This app will let you record notes or anything else you want to remember.
    4. Dexy: Check out this app to jot down some free form notes. Simply type in the text and later you can bring it up by searching for parts of the text.
    5. Napkin Genius: If you prefer to jot down ideas in drawn form, you’ll be able to do so with this app and share and save your completed works.
    6. YouNote: Take notes in audio, text, photo and drawing format in this helpful app.
    7. VoiceNotes: This recording application can make it easy to leave yourself audio reminders.
    8. Writing Pad: Instead of typing out letters, this application allows you to draw them on the screen to write notes.
    9. Note2Self: Leave yourself notes in audio or text format with this helpful application.
    10. Margins: This application is an ideal tool for students or researchers. It allows users to jot down notes about books, indicating the page and quote as well as your note.

    Study and Learning

    Whether you want to learn for class or for your personal pleasure, these apps can help you do it on the go.

    1. gflash+: If you’re looking to make and study from flashcards, this application is a great place to start.
    2. Stanza: With Stanza, you can download and read hundreds of thousands of titles on your phone.
    3. Classics: Get access to the classics so you can study for class or brush up on culture.
    4. Graphing Calculator: You don’t need a separate calculator when you have this app for your iPhone.
    5. Talking Phrasebook: Those studying a foreign language can take advantage of this app and the language help it offers with basic phrases.
    6. Poptiq: With streaming video, you can watch instructional videos on how to do just about anything, even your calculus homework.
    7. ezMemorize: Improve your memorization skills with this app that allows you to make and store class notes.
    8. Wikipanion: Look up facts and find information for class or just to settle an argument between friends with this application that makes it easy to browse and search through Wikipedia on your iPhone.
    9. Google News: Keep up with what’s going on in the world with this iPhone adapted feed of Google News.
    10. Accela Study Vocab Builder: Students studying for the GRE or GMAT will appreciate this tool that allows them to study anywhere and anytime.
    11. Instapaper: If you find something important during your browsing or have information that you need to deal with later, this application lets you store it an access it at a later time.
    12. Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards: With this app you’ll get access to full color flash cards to help you remember all the important systems and parts of the body.

    Networking and Connecting

    Keep in touch with friends and clients using these applications designed for the iPhone.

    1. LinkedIn: Keep in touch with clients and promote yourself for post-graduation jobs through this popular business networking site.
    2. TwitterFon: If you just can’t stop twittering this application will make it even easier to do on the go.
    3. Facebook: With this iPhone app you’ll be able to keep up with your Facebook addiction no matter where you go, letting you know about what’s going on with your friends in and out of class.
    4. Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing: With this tool you can work with others on homework and projects right on your phones.
    5. Fuze Lite: Check out this tool to keep in touch with friends and business associates through just about every instant messaging service including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk and Jabber.
    6. Birdhouse: Similar to Twitter but with a twist, Birdhouse lets you jot down information and save it until you’re ready to share it.
    7. Fring: With Fring, you can connect to all your instant messaging services at once so you can keep in touch with anyone, anywhere.
    8. Melodis Voice Dialer: Using this application you won’t need to dial your phone anymore, just say the name of the person you want to call and you’re good to go.

    Document Tools

    These applications can make it easier to view and create a variety of documents, whether you need them for class or to keep your business organized.

    1. iZoho: This mobile office suite lets you create and access documents and spreadsheets.
    2. PDF Reader Pro: Download this application so you’ll be able to read PDF files over your iPhone.
    3. iSpreadsheet: If you need to be able to examine spreadsheets on your phone, try out this application.
    4. DocViewer: Want to read over your paper one last time before you present it? This app lets you see the document right on your phone.
    5. QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite: Check out this mobile office suite to handle a wide variety of document types.
    6. Readdle Docs: This application is all about helping you organize your documents from email, your computer or the web.

    Information Management

    Check out these apps to store, share and protect all of your important information.

    1. Epiphany Recorder: Record things that are happening around you from great music to inspirational events using this application.
    2. eWallet: This application stores and saves your passwords, credit card information and more.
    3. iTrack: Want to know where your important package is? This application will let you easily track and monitor any packages you have on the way.
    4. Keeper: Store all of your private information like passwords using this app that employs the highest levels of encryption.
    5. ShoveBox Mobile: With this app you can take notes and organize information that you don’t want to forget into one easy area on your phone.
    6. WiFi HD: Download WiFi HD to turn your phone into a wireless, mobile hard drive.
    7. Folders: Give this application a try to store, view and protect all of your private information.
    8. LockBox: Don’t let your personal information get out to identity thieves. This application helps make sure info like passwords and credit card numbers stays secure.
    9. A Personal Assistant: This personal assistant app lets you do everything from manage your Netflix queue to your online banking statements from one easy place.
    10. Mobile Disk: If you need space to store files on the go this application could be your solution with the ability to turn your phone into an external hard drive.
    11. 1Password: Put all your passwords into this app and from then on you’ll only have to log in with and remember one central password.
    12. Air Sharing: Check out this application to turn your iPhone into a thumb drive so you can share files, music and anything else easily and seamlessly.


    Whether you’re a struggling college student on a budget or a freelancing entrepreneur, these apps will help you keep tabs on your money.

    1. BudgetBuster: This application can help you to track your daily, weekly and monthly expenses right on your phone.
    2. iBillto: Keep track of your clients and their billing information with this easy-to-use app.
    3. Currency: Download this app for an easy-to-use tool to convert currencies right from your phone.
    4. iExpenselt: Check out this application to simplify tracking your expenses. Jot down what you’ve spent, photograph receipts and more.
    5. Fresh Books: This free application allows you to track your time and bill your clients.
    6. iSpend: With this tool you can easily track and record business and travel expenses whether you’re on a business trip or traveling to an academic conference.
    7. Timewerks: Here you’ll be able to both track your time and send out invoices based on how much you’ve worked.
    8. SaveBenjis: Whether you’re shopping for new work equipment or for yourself, this app will let you compare prices to other locations to ensure you get the best deal.
    9. Gas Cubby: Find out what your gas mileage is, how much you’re spending on driving and more on this tracking tool.
    10. Tipulator: Calculate how much tip you should leave with this time-saving tool.


    Save time and enjoy life to the fullest with these apps for streamlining your personal life.

    1. MyNetDiary: Keep track of what you’re eating and how much you’re working out so you can stay healthy and happy at school or work.
    2. Pret-a-Yoga: School and work can be stressful. These instructional yoga videos will help you relax and release your tension.
    3. Steps: Find out just how far you’re walking in a day with this step measuring application.
    4. Grocery IQ: With this, you’ll be able to keep your grocery list on hand at all times, saving you time and money.
    5. UrbanSpoon: Need a nice place to take a date or a client? This application makes it easy to find any kind of dining that you’re in the mood for.
    6. TiVo Mobile: No matter where you are you can set your TiVo to record your favorite shows in case you have to miss them for work or school projects.
    7. Where: Need a caffeine fix so you can stay up or wake up? This application will tell you where the nearest coffee house is.
    8. Remote: With this application you can control the music on your computer or Apple TV right from your phone.
    9. Transit: Save money and take public transportation. This application will help you find the best ways to get where you’re going.


    Here you’ll find links to apps that can help you give presentations, write a blog or find a job.

    1. Career Builder: If you’re in the market for a new job or some additional clients, this iPhone adapted career search tool can be a big help.
    2. WeDict: If you’re a terrible speller or just want to look something up before you use it in a document, this dictionary keeps a plethora of words at your fingertips.
    3. A2ZPro: Convert currencies, measurements and anything else you can think of with this time-saving tool.
    4. iClckr PowerPoint Remote: Whether you’re presenting for school or work, this tool can help make the process seamless with slide changing capabilities right on your phone.
    5. Keynote Remote: For those who give a lot of presentations, this tool can be well worth the cost. It allows users to remotely change slides in keynote using an iPhone.
    6. Google Mobile App: With this search tool you’ll be able to find and access loads of information.
    7. Cooliris: This application makes it easy to share photos and videos with a slick looking 3-D interface.
    8. WordPress: With this app you’ll be able to blog from anywhere, share your ideas and make sure your site stays updated. Great for students and web workers alike.
    9. Developer’s Tool Kit: Those working with web development can take advantage of the tools offered by this helpful application.
    10. Mocha VNC Lite: This app will let you see files, programs and anything else on your Mac or PC, just on the smaller screen of the iPhone.
    11. Auto WiFi Lite: Download this tool to get automatically connected to WiFi hotspots without having to put in your name and password.

    100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything

    May 7th, 2009

    Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are loads of free resources on the Web that can help you find instructional videos, tutorials and classes to learn a wide variety of skills from fixing basic car problems to speaking another language. With 100 sites to choose from, you’re bound to find something here that will help you learn just about anything you could want.

    General Tutorials

    These sites offer a wide range of tutorials and videos.

    1. Expert Village: One of the biggest how-to sites on the Web, this site is home to hundreds of thousands of videos on an infinitely broad spectrum of topics.
    2. LearnThat.com: With categories like business, finance, home repair, and computers and tech, this site has plenty of classes for avid learners.
    3. Koonji: With tutorials that are extremely easy to follow, this site will make it simple to learn just about anything.
    4. SuTree: Whether you want to learn new skills or share some of your own, you can do both on this video how-to site.
    5. VideoJug: With great videos on topics as diverse as doing well on the SAT and knitting a scarf, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for here.
    6. FindTutorials.com: This huge collection of tutorials contains listings for education, hobbies and DIY projects around the house.
    7. TrickLife: Want to make your life better? This site is home to numerous tutorials to help improve your home, your body and your personal well-being.
    8. Instructables: This site offers a wide range of video tutorials where users can showcase all their valuable skills.
    9. MyTutorials: Search through the tutorials on this site to find just what you’re looking to learn.
    10. Tutorial Ninjas: From investing to getting healthy, you’ll find loads of tutorials here.
    11. Hodder Education: Check out this site for a range of self-learning opportunities in sports, music, health and more.
    12. Sofia: Promoting free sharing of intellectual assets, this site offers several free courses in programming, typography and geography.
    13. I Can Learn Anything: Pay this site a visit to get access to a wide range of social learning resources.
    14. Wikiversity: With over 10,000 free learning resources, you’ll find tons of great instructional materials here.

    Around the House

    Want to know how to fix that broken cabinet or hang up some great wallpaper? These sites are all about helping you learn how to fix things around the house, on your car or even learn a new hobby.

    1. Make Magazine: If you’re looking to turn your old laptop into something cool, or find new and inventive ways to spruce up your home, you’ll find loads of ideas on this site.
    2. What the Craft: With a little instruction from this site you can create hand-tailored clothes or great new pillows for your couch.
    3. Skillvids: Save money on costly home repairs by learning how to do them yourself on this site.
    4. Jonko Online Auto Repair: Here, you’ll find some instructional help on fixing all the little things that can go wrong with your car.
    5. DoItYourself.com: Whether you’re trying to sell your home or manage your finances, you’ll find some helpful guidance here.
    6. Fix Expert: Learn some of the basics of car maintenance and repair from this site.
    7. Easy2DIY: Want to know how to lay carpet? Fix your leaky dishwasher? You’ll find that and more here.
    8. Free DIY Tutorials: Visit this site to learn how to construct a range of sewing and crafting projects.
    9. The Bicycle Tutor: Why pay someone to fix your bike when you can do it yourself? This site can teach you how.
    10. Grovetech PC Repair and Maintenance: Check out this site to learn how to do some basic PC repairs like adding additional RAM and cleaning off all those nasty viruses.
    11. ReadyMade: This site can help you learn to build things you never knew you could do on your own.
    12. Hack a Day: Embrace your creative side with these hacks that help you learn to reuse the junk around your house in cool new ways.
    13. Howtopedia: With loads of tips on how to make your DIY projects greener, this site will help you make your home and the earth a little better at the same time.

    Business and Management

    If you feel like you’re seriously lacking on business and management skills at work, no need to worry. These sites can help you learn the basics and get your career on track.

    1. KnowThis?: Boost your marketing skills by taking one of the tutorials offered through this site.
    2. Leadership Training Tutorials: Like the name suggests, these free tutorials are all about helping you bring out your leadership skills.
    3. Laynetworks: Those who want to learn more about great management skills can find tutorials galore here.
    4. Website 101: If you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t know much about running a business online, this site is home to loads of tutorials that can help you understand what it takes to establish a great web presence.
    5. Business Tutorials: Whether you want to start your own business or need a little guidance once you have, this site will provide all kinds of helpful tutorials.
    6. Passion for Business Learning: Learn more about business skills from management to finance on this site.
    7. Business Balls: While the name might be silly, the site offers some serious advice and information on improving management and business skills.
    8. ComputerWeekly: Those in the IT field should take advantage of this site’s free weekly webinars to stay up-to-date on the latest information and developments.
    9. TechOnline: Designed with electronics professionals in mind, this site has dozens of great tech-focused tutorials.
    10. Change Management: Here you’ll find instructional materials to improve your skills in leadership and management.

    Language and Writing

    Those who want to learn a new language, improve their writing skills or just learn more about literature will be well-served by these instructional sites.

    1. BBC Languages: With numerous languages to choose from, this site offers visitors some really valuable free language learning materials.
    2. Project Gutenberg: Catch up on reading the classics with the free e-books offered here.
    3. Teach Yourself Japanese: Whether you’re learning for business or pleasure, this site offers all kinds of resources for Japanese language learners.
    4. Literature.org: The extensive library of free material on this site makes it cheap and easy to read up on just about any subject.
    5. Bibliomania: With free books and study guides to go along with them, you’ll not only be able to read the classics but get help understanding them as well.
    6. LookLex: Here you’ll be able to learn the basics of the Arabic language with free audio tutorials.
    7. American Sign Language Browser: If you’ve ever wanted to learn ASL you’ll find a number of resources here that can get you started.
    8. Learn Spanish: As one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, there’s no better time than now to start learning Spanish.
    9. Writer’s Resource Center: This site is home to loads of support and information on writing better fiction.
    10. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant: Need some help writing? You’ll find instructional articles here.


    These tech-focused sites offer help to both technophiles and beginners alike.

    1. actDEN: Never learned how to use Microsoft Excel? Now you can with free tutorials on this site, offering education on a number of computer programs.
    2. How-to Geek: From setting up to fixing problems, this site will help you learn to get your gadgets up and running.
    3. W3Schools: Learn just about anything you could want to know about Web design and development from the large number of tutorials on this site.
    4. KillerSites: Here you’ll find loads of free info on web design and hosting.
    5. Productivity Portfolio: Are you really not good with technology? Here you’ll find tutorials designed just for you, with simple 5-minute lessons on the basics of programs like Outlook and Firefox.
    6. Tweako: This site is home to numerous tutorials focused on technology, programming and the net.
    7. Vista4Beginners: Many people find Vista hard to navigate, and if you’re one of them you can find help on this site, filled with great tutorials.
    8. Digital Arts: From tips on using Photoshop to what it takes to make great web designs, this site will help you embrace the creative side of technology.
    9. InPictures: With tutorials that come complete with visual representations of how to do everything, this site is perfect for the visual learner.
    10. N Design Studio: This site is focused on Dreamweaver and Illustrator, providing a wide range of tutorials.
    11. NetTuts: Check out this site if you’re in need of a little help with a web development project or want to learn more about programming on the internet.
    12. Geekpedia: Here you’ll find tutorials on just about every programming language you could want to learn.
    13. MuppetLabs: Programmers and aspiring geeks alike can find numerous tutorials here on languages like C++ and Perl.


    Many people struggle to understand mathematical concepts. These sites offer help and instruction no matter what level you’re on.

    1. S.O.S. Mathematics: Check out this site to find tutorials and worksheets to help you learn more about math and get a little practice applying it.
    2. MathVids: If you’d rather learn from videos, the instructional ones provided here will be helpful to you, offering explanation of a wide variety of math issues.
    3. Math Cracker: Get a little help on math subjects from the basics of algebra to the intricacies of calculus with a variety of helpful tutorials.
    4. Real World Math: Think your math teacher was full of it when he said you’d actually use the math you’re learning? This site applies all kinds of math to real situations, making it easier for many to see how it might be valuable.
    5. Math for Morons Like Us: Even the smartest people can sometimes forget their multiplication tables, but if you feel especially weak in math you may want to check out this site. It breaks down even complicated ideas into easy to understand lessons.
    6. Math.com: With some great tools and a variety of tutorials on algebra, geometry, trigonometry and more, this site has loads to offer learners.
    7. MathTools: If you’re using MATLAB you can get some information on how to better use the program and understand what’s going on with these free tutorials.
    8. Paul’s Online Math Notes: This professor wants to help you learn math, and offers notes, lessons and more.
    9. Visual Calculus: The modules on this site are designed to help you see visually how calculus works, an easier way to learn for many who struggle to understand abstract concepts without illustration.
    10. PurpleMath: Visit this site to find notes, tutorials and lessons on a variety of math subjects.


    Learn more about the amazing world around you from its chemical makeup to the processes going on in your own body with these helpful sites.

    1. The Chem Team: Learn the basics of chemistry with the tutorials and lessons provided by this site.
    2. Get Body Smart: With interactive animations and activities, this site makes it fun to learn about how the body works inside and out.
    3. The Physics Zone: You can get a better grasp on concepts like magnetism and motion with this site that offers instruction on the theoretical and mathematical aspects of physics.
    4. The Life Wire: Here you’ll find a number of animations and tutorials that are designed to help you learn more about biology, even the stuff that may have confused you before.
    5. Geology Rocks: The earth may seem like a stable, static entity but it’s always changing and moving. Check out this site to learn more about these processes and the ground under your feet.
    6. NASA: If Earth isn’t your thing, take to the heavens with videos, photos, articles and podcasts all about the stars, planets and what lies beyond.
    7. Inner Body: Check out this site to learn a bit about the circulatory system and find out just how that cheeseburger is clogging your arteries.
    8. Exploratorium: Also called the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception, you’ll find lessons here on everything from how music works to the effects of global warming.
    9. Science A-Go-Go: This site is a great place to learn about the latest and greatest scientific discoveries. You can take to the discussion forums as well if you’d like to debate any topic.
    10. The Why Files: If you’ve ever wondered why or how a news story about science is true or want to learn more about everyday science, check out this site.


    These lesson-filled sites offer a chance to learn more about art, music and digital creativity.

    1. Berklee Shares: Here you’ll get access to loads of free Strobist: Check out this blog and its tutorials to learn the basics of lighting in photography.
    2. Teoria: On this site you’ll find a number of music-related tutorials and lessons to help you better understand music theory.
    3. Digital Arts: Need a little creative inspiration? This site can help you out and help you better learn to use your digital art tools.
    4. PSDTUTS: Whether you use PhotoShop to touch up your drawings or to make completely digital works of art, you’ll find helpful tutorials here.
    5. Photography Mentor: Join this site to get educational videos for your computer or iPhone to learn more about digital photography.
    6. E-Chords: The video tutorials on this site can help you learn to totally shred on the guitar or bass.
    7. DrumBum: If drums are more your style, these tutorials and lessons will help you master a variety of types of music.
    8. Music Theory: Ricci Adams teaches the basics of music theory and notation with lessons and tutorials on this site.
    9. Computer Music Products: Want to make and distribute music right from your computer? This site can teach you how.
    10. Duey’s Drawings: If you’ve always been envious of those who can draw and paint, give this instructional site a visit for lessons on how you can improve your skills.
    11. Video-Tutes: Learn a number of useful things about shooting and editing videos from the instructional tutorials on this site.


    Expand your knowledge of the past with these history sites that contain info, photos and lessons on numerous topics.

    1. Archive.org: With links to information on the history of music, documents and even the Internet, this site is a one-stop-shop for learning.
    2. Library of Congress: With numerous digitally archived photos, documents and manuscripts, as well as a few wholly online exhibits, you’ll find a wealth of great information on this site to help you learn about American history.
    3. The Rosetta Project: No matter what language you want to learn about, still spoken or long dead, you’ll find its history and loads of information about it here.
    4. Digital History: This online project offers users a wide range of digitized historical information to make learning easy and fun.
    5. U.S. Census Bureau: Get the stats on just about everything you could want to know about Americans on this site.
    6. Biography: Learn a little more about the people who have shaped the world we live in today with the information from Biography.
    7. Artcyclopedia: Wanna know a little more about the history of art? You’ll find information, photos and resources galore here.
    8. History Channel: Even if you don’t have cable you can watch videos, engage in interactive programs and read all about world history on this site.

    5 Realms of University Rankings

    May 1st, 2009

    By Ashley Brooks

    College rankings have increasingly become a part of the decision of which school to attend.  Many books have been published based on the ranking system, and parents strive to get their child into the highest academically ranked school, whether that be Ivy League or public.  However, rankings exist in order to assist students in deciding which school would be most suited to their needs, whether they need a school that has an extensive extracurricular program or impressive academic program, or even the opposite end of the spectrum.


    The ranking of academics falls into a slew of sub categories, ranging from professor’s teaching methods, to students’ grade point averages, even to the amount of class discussion.  So keeping all this in mind, what makes a school have a higher academic rating?  Smaller private schools are found to have a higher percentage of classroom discussions, as the student to professor ratio is much smaller than public schools, which focus mostly on lectures.  Another academic ranking tool is based on the quality of the school’s library, which mostly goes once again towards private schools with heavy endowments.  In the end, on an academia scale, private schools jump ahead of public schools on many of the academic categories.


    Demographic rankings are a higher indicator of the appeal of the school to a vast spectrum of people, as well as the location.  Demographics can be calculated by the day to day interactions among students of different races, or the diversity of the student body as a whole.  This ranking system is more difficult to ascertain, as many schools work to become more diverse through many “minority” scholarships that are based on small percentiles.  However, public state schools are found to attract more foreigners and diverse student populations because of their extensive undergraduate and graduate programs.  


    Extracurricular endeavors are based mostly on the school’s outside activities, such as intramural sports.  In this specific case, mostly public schools are a part of the higher percentage of extracurricular activities do to larger programs overall.  Additionally, sports are a larger part of life in public schools, especially state schools which have outstanding programs, and therefore make it to playoff games.


    The social rankings have more to do with the town the college is situated within.  For some schools, this means a smaller, country-type of town where the university is the main pull of the social scene.  However, for larger public schools, the university is located within a thriving metropolis and the chances for more culture and entertainment are vastly greater.  Nearly every school which is ranked as a “great college town” is located within many of the top largest cities in the country. 


    Should students be interested in the reputation of a school as a “party” school, there are also rankings for this, although most of the top schools tend to be public schools, contrary to the academic and demographic standings of private schools. 

    In addition to informing students over the highest ranked schools, many ranking systems additionally tell them what’s at the opposite end of the spectrum: the school with the lowest ranked academic standing, the school which never has any parties, etc.  When debating on a university to attend, or even a graduate school to apply to, ranking systems have become a new method to ease your search and find the school with the perfect fit.


    Procrastination as a Healthy Study Method

    May 1st, 2009


    By Ashley Brooks

    It’s that time of year again, the dreaded finals season where you learn to live off of an hour of sleep a night (if that), and massive amounts of caffeine, with little interaction with the outside world.  Every college student goes through it, although depending on your schedule, some years may be easier than others.  The hours of writing paper after paper are almost a rite of passage that you have to go through in order to make that next step towards adulthood.  It’s during this particular amount of time that you realize you have about a million other things you would rather be doing, and partake in anything that will distract you from your work in front of you. 

    Everyone realizes at this point that they are all procrastinators and vie for the title of the one who procrastinates the most frequently.  While this is not a noble accomplishment, it is a welcome release from the painful hours of studying and writing that go into finals week.  If you are lucky enough to attend a university that has dead days, then there should be no complaining about a lack of time.  It is those schools that go directly to finals after the last class ends that have it the worst.  This results in a lack of time to procrastinate, since you are forced to jump directly into your first final only a weekend after your last class, sometimes earlier than that. 

    Every college student needs an ample amount of time to study for finals, wherein they have allotted time chunks to procrastinate within.  Finals simply would not be finals without the distraction of a roommate, or TV show, or articles within articles on Wikipedia.  It is during this time that you realize how handy Wikipedia truly is, and how you did not know the exact location of Tajikistan, or the 28th president of the United States.  It is also during this time that you realize you have not seen every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 in years and are subsequently forced to watch the marathon which is currently airing.  This type of marathon could never again be repeated, so of course you need to stop what you are doing to watch at least half of it!

    However, it finally gets to be that time where you need to shut every distraction out of your life for a few hours in order to fully concentrate on acing that exam.  Procrastination is just a welcome occurrence of finals week that will never be completely shaken off.  It is almost a necessity of studying; a tool that encourages increased concentration later.  Most students have found that with this momentary distraction from studying, they can be encouraged to truly put forth the effort; the only problem is to determine the limitations between too much procrastination and a healthy amount.