• Accredited Graduate Schools and Acredited MBA Programs

    Deciding to go to graduate school or business school can make a significant difference in your future career and success. Those who continue to pursue higher education often earn higher salaries and receive more recognition than those who only hold a minimum degree. If you decide to go to graduate school to receive additional, more cutting edge training in your industry or in a niche field, you may find that you have even more opportunities available to you because of your additional education and experience. MBA programs, for example, are relevant to a variety of industries, not just business. Engineers, education administrators, doctors and artists can re-develop their careers with an MBA.

    Enrolling in a graduate program can be expensive and time consuming, however, especially if you have already built up your own career and family commitments. Consider researching online graduate schools that can provide you with more flexibility, by allowing you to study on your own schedule and from your own home or workplace. There are many reputable, accredited graduate schools and business programs offered through an online format, and you can start your search by visiting a site that lists the top rated colleges. There, you can quickly compare graduate programs based on their location, subject area, school reputation, financial aid record, graduation and student retention rate, faculty experience and other factors. Because these schools are considered to be some of the best colleges for distance learning, they should also be accredited. Double check with the school and with an accrediting agency approved by the Council for HIgher Education Accreditation (CHEA) to make sure that every school you apply to is accredited.

    Accredited graduate schools and MBA programs are offered online from online divisions of well-known traditional colleges and universities, as well as from smaller, fully online schools. Each type of school is held to a different standard in terms of reputation, tuition, community involvement and student enrollment, but as long as you attend an accredited school, your degree will be legitimate. Make sure your choice school readily supplies you with information regarding class work, student-faculty interaction, tuition and financial aid, and course scheduling to ensure that you don’t fall into a scam from an unaccredited diploma mill or low-quality distance learning institution.